Mission / Vision


To provide a high-quality preschool education and to mold young minds to become lifelong learners through a curriculum inspired by the natural curiosities of children. 

To focus the curriculum on the whole child (cognitive, physical and social and emotional beings) as well as remembering they are growing within a family. Implementing developmentally appropriate practices that promote active exploration of meaningful experiences.  


To be recognized as a leading program in New York City for early childhood education and to prepare children for success in kindergarten and in their future academic endeavors. Children will leave Creative Academy as independent thinkers with a love for learning.

  • Children will establish healthy relationships with others while figuring out who they are and how they fit within their family and community. 
  • Embracing all aspects of diversity in the classroom.
  • Aligning efforts for the common purpose of each child’s success.

Creative Academy is committed to building partnerships based on trust and respect.  Our school is a learning environment not only for our children, but also for parents and staff.


Creative Academy