Safety & Security

Security and Safety 

To assist in keeping your child safe, all doors are locked, and an audio-visual security system is in place. Your child is always visually observed by a teacher. We maintain very low student to teacher ratio thus ensuring constant in sight observation.

We have a bio metric fingerprint recognition system, that ensures that ONLY authorized parent / guardian can sign out your child from our preschool.

In addition to the bio metric print system, safety and security is maintained by an intercom and digital video system.  Families are required to verbally announce themselves through the intercom and an installed digital camera allows visual verification of persons entering the building.

Fire drills are held each month in accordance with FDNY requirements.

First Aid backpacks are kept in each classroom. All teachers have current and updated contact information for every child under their supervision. This information is also located in the office.

Our staff are certified and trained in First Aid and CPR. In a serious emergency, 911 will be contacted and parents will be notified. When going for treatment, the child’s complete file and injury report form (if applicable) will be taken.


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