Creative 2’s

Creative Two’s is a busy time because there is so much to learn and so much fun to have!

We are now independent, curious and into lots of exploration. Curriculum, toys, age appropriate equipment and schedules are designed to encourage discovery and learning.

Parents can rely on special, high energy, and loving teachers to keep up with their little ones. Our active, compassionate teachers comfort and guide each child through discover and exploration.

Teachers balance individual instruction time as well as large and small group learning. During these times, children are developing their fine and gross motor skills. Children participate in group activities such as music and movement, zumba, yoga, art projects and story time.

The two year old’s day begins with circle time which allows teachers to help children build upon early literacy and communication skills by sharing books, singing songs and engaging finger plays.

Children are encourage to use their bodies, senses and their evolving problem-solving skills to learn about and make sense of their world around them in the most meaningful and effective way for them.

Whether it’s trying all the playground equipment or pouring cereal, our teachers provide our two years old with plenty of opportunities to investigate explore and play in a safe, secure, yet stimulating environment. Our unique blend of education and care meets emotional needs while promoting good social skills and learning.

A strong focus at this stage is potty training, which includes often asking if they have to go to the restroom and before you know it you have a potty trained child.

Your Creative Two’s Day Begins with warm and loving greetings by teachers
Learning Centers Manipulatives, puzzles, blocks, sensory
Circle Time Social skills, weather, calendar, language development
Learning Centers Art, dramatic play, library, math, sensory, and science
Library Story time, books and our trips to the local library
Morning Snack Healthy and nutritious snack
Playground Playing, climbing, ball throwing
Lunch Healthy and nutritious meals
Nap Time Quiet time after our activities.
Classical music played in the background, dimmed lights and back rubs
Afternoon Snack Refreshing and healthy
Music Age appropriate music & instruments

Creative Academy